Austin Lyon


Austin Lyon is a 2019 graduate of Pinckney Community High School. He is a four-year honor roll student at PCHS who graduated as magna cum laude. Austin is also a varsity cross country runner and captain his senior year. He also ran varsity track in high school and received all-county and all-region honors.

Austin would describe himself as someone who is very analytical and loves solving problems and working with numbers. He would also describe himself as someone who is very organized and likes keeping things neat and orderly. Austin says that many of his friends have complimented him for having a “clean car.”

Austin also enjoys going to Lake Michigan while visiting family in Traverse City. Austin’s family has owned a cherry farm on Old Mission Peninsula in Traverse City for several generations. For the past few years, Austin has gone to the cherry farm in July for the cherry harvest to work as a machine operator. “It’s really cool to witness.” Austin describes the cherry harvest as. “You would never expect cherry harvesting to be what it is until you see it for yourself.”

Austin’s future plans are to attend Michigan State University to major in accounting and one day become a Certified Public Accountant. He is already a QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor.